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So tell me hun,
Are you dead and all alone?
Or are you just sleeping inside yourself?
Well I'm sorry I won't be here to see you when you awake.
I had loved you more than I loved anyone.
But not today,
Your not the same anymore.
You tripped me up over and over.
I'm carving out the inside and starting over again.
For I can't hold on to your sleeping soul.
I'm walking away.
I'm sorry, so sorry..
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 1 16
Neko Gal by freefourlife by epicusername16 Neko Gal by freefourlife :iconepicusername16:epicusername16 1 4
Beware of false intentions
Watch out for idle words
This world has made me sick
And it will watch you burn
Depression had darkened the soul
To nothing more than an empty hole
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 0 0
Deaths desire
Ohh fear had spilled
Another victim of death
As darkness overtakes you
Demons laugh an unholy praise
There's no use you can not out run me
To me your just another game
For I'm the predator and you are the prey
Hollowed life that leads to all the ends that don't exist
Nothing fills the empty soul
That you thought you had
I'm deaths desire and you are my puppet
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 0 6
Oh, If only you could see
What you have done
What this world has done to me
Figure if salvation is to save
Then tell me why it's put me in my grave?
This sickness had filled me up
Like I'm only an empty cup
And to know has fully crushed
Seal this fate
Kiss the gate
Take me now
Take me under
Let me bleed
For I'm
Forever sick
Forever dark
This is my corrupted state of mind..
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 0 6
Oh don't you know I suffer?
Can't you hear me crying on the inside?
Violent sobs threating to come out.
The surface always staying the same.
Silent screams breaking out from underneath but never actually show.
So I try to sleep at night.
Always within fright.
My nightmares are never ending.
I wake up screaming, wishing it would end.
So can't you see I suffer?
You will if you just take a look on the inside.
But I'm not always willing to come out.
I'm violently shaking never reaching the surface.
My silent screams coming from underneath never breaking free.
So I don't sleep at night try as I might.
My nightmares haunt me, never ending.
I still wake up screaming.
Wishing it would end.
So can't you see I suffer?
If not then your blind to the things past your eyes.
So take a look now.
And tell me how you can't see how I suffer?
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 1 12
Solitary Confinement
I am dying.
This pressure is killing me.
Help me I need to escape but the walls around me are solid, no plans to be free.
The things I've kept inside are starting to give way into an angry storm.
So stay away before I freak out!
But I'm stuck behind these horrid walls in my own personal hell.
My mask is hiding my true emotions all to well for you can't see past it into my pain.
But I guess it's better that way for I won't open.
I am dying, rotting away where no one can see.
The things I'm keeping inside are starting to kill me in a slow and painful way.
And I see you standing there hiding a smile as you watch me suffer.
So you are the cause for this.
You are the one who has told me to wear this mask to stay in my solitary confinement.
And now I'm to far gone to come clean.
I wish I could escape but there are no plans that can help me now.
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 0 0
No longer here
I hate you!
For all the lies you make me live through and for the mask I have to wear that no one can seem to see through.
My heart is shattered and broken with a screwed up patch job.
I can't see how you can tell me that you love me when it's obvious you don't understand.
I am forever dead and you have lost me to the pain.
I am no longer yours.
So before I go please let me tell you some things.
I hate you!
I have been screaming but you have held me here.
You lost me in the pain.
I am dead, no longer here.
My heart is now cold. You are a life taker.
I am no longer yours. So tell me now.
How can you? How can you?!
How can you tell me that you love me when you have lead me to my death?
My blood is forever on YOUR hands.
I've left. Slaughtered by your world, I'm gone. I'm no longer here.
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 1 0
Mostly Questions
Here I am locked I my room.
Wondering how am I going to make it through this?
Why can't I see you face anymore?
Why have you left me here so cold?
In this dark hiding in my pain?
Where are you?
You've left but I can't seem to let you go.
I'll cry tonight hoping you'll see my pain and come to comfort me.
But you're not here.
You've turned away.
Never to love me again.
You were my light, my peace of mind.
But you dropped me flat on my face.
How can you do this?
I was your believer.
But now I see you were never there for me.
For you left me in this empty place and I'm fallen and broken never to rise again….
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 0 0
Tick-Tock broken clock 2
I stare at broken clocks for their hands won't turn anymore. Watch as my days turn into nights. My broken heart is left in an empty place.
… Can't you hear that?
… Can't you hear that?
Tick-tock can't you hear that? The whispers in the night? Or the screams of the dead? Maybe I'l go and hide somewhere with no more light. My soul filled with strife. These haunting voices are telling me to run. I'm infected by the sound of blood spilled onto the ground. Tell me that I will be okay. Now I'm craving someone I can run to.
Ding-dong my time is up and I'll run never to be seen again…
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 0 0
Tick-Tock Broken clock
I stare at a broken clock why doesn't it's hands turn anymore? Watching my days turn into nights. My empty heart is in an empty place.
… Can't you hear that?
… Can't you hear that?
… Can't you hear that?
Tick-tock can't you here that? As their bodies hit the floor? For their hearts are as mine. Cold, dark, and empty. Tick-tock bleeding clock. I know it's the sound of their dead souls hitting the ground. They'll never rise again…
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 0 0
Only be me
Dear Mother, Dear Father,
Without love from another.
Won't you please listen to me?
Let me tell you this isn't the way I want to be.
But, you know change isn't easy.
Can't you see?
That this damage it's hurting me?
Just tell me that you want me....please..and that you'll help me see.
Why can't I be the way that you want me?
Tell me why I'm forever hurting.
So sorry to say that the end has come. Just like words fired from a loaded gun.
Sorry for all of those lies and for if I ever made you cry.
I'm sorry I can't answer all of your questions why.
I'm sorry I can't be perfect.
That the only thing I can only be is..
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 0 0
Break me down
I want to find, I want to rise
The battered hearts in the shattered souls
Let the unknown overcome
Blackened time to the ends demise
Demons inside let them rise
Break me down
Let this world crumble away into oblivion
Shattered away into ruin
Innocence lost to time
Do not try to justify
Demons in the minds of ones so pure
Break me down
Let the fear overcome
So scream my dear
You can't escape
This unholy side of me
Break me down
I will end this madness
Maybe I'll carve out the feelings of the unpure with my razorblade
Blood so red I let it run
My feelings now go numb
Let the devastation defile my arms
Nothing but scars shall remain
Break me down
Whispering voices tell me to
Creep away into the oblivion of death
Shattering the thoughts so unpure
My eyes open and they close
Drowning into black as the hate descends
Break me down
Screaming I awake
Take this nothingness away from me
I'm still trapped inside
Fearing what I can't see
And there is nowhere left to hide
Turn and face those empty e
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 0 0
To be loved..
Slit my wrists and hope die
You keep your life and I'll take mine
To be loved is ignorance
To be loved is empty bliss...
:iconepicusername16:epicusername16 0 0


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Charity K.
United States
Okay um..Let's see
Age: 16 Height: 5'2 Orientation: Idk Sex: Girl
I'm Single
My favorite colors are Black, Red, and Purple
I love Nekos
I am a music FREAK
I love to read, write and draw
Sorry if I'm not to great at it though XD
Talk to me I may be awesome...Haha you never know
Thanks for checking me out XD
Peace and Radioactive love~

Also my account with my drawings on it is :icondecayingcherrytree:

Current Residence: Inside my head
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Hard Rock, Emo-core, Punk, 90's Grunge, Thrash, Dance/Electronic/Techno
Favourite style of art: Anime, Manga, or Dark
MP3 player of choice: I-pod
Wallpaper of choice: Anime
Skin of choice: Yours~
Favourite cartoon character: Pikachu and the other Pokemon, Death the Kid, Soul Eater, Crona
Personal Quote: Your accteptance is not required
My newest favorite sonsg from my newest favorite band………
  • Listening to: Of Mice & Men
  • Reading: The words on the computer screen
  • Watching: Kailee
  • Playing: Nada
  • Eating: Nada
  • Drinking: Water


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